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Memorial created 06-9-2008 by
Holli Galovich
Tara Ann Swain
July 22 1988 - May 6 2007

Sleeping Tara on one of her many trips to Michigan

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Tara Swain, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Tara's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Tara forever.




Our Tara was a very unique individual; unique in such a way that she loved people no matter how she was treated by them in return. Tara made it a point to always focus on the good in all people and she prayed for them if they failed to embrace the idea of friendship.  Tara was someone who loved each and every person she met in this world, no matter what their beliefs or lifestyles may have been.  In Tara’s mind, besides having GOD in her life and having faith and belief in His Holy Word, Tara valued friendship as one of life’s most important necessities.  It was very important for Tara to be a friend to anyone she met.  Tara firmly believed that she could help change today’s world, a world where love, respect, and kindness towards others could replace some of the common traits that dwell in this world today.

            Tara took her own life on May 6, 2007; she was so excited about her high school prom and being with friends that evening. However, due to miscommunication with her friends, in Tara's mind, she was stood up.  On her own Tara wasn't able to find the place where the prom was being held in Nashville.

      Not getting to her high school prom completely devastated Tara. It was the final straw. Tara returned home crying, frustrated, and embarrased.  After talking with Tara and feeling she was calming down, we all went to bed thinking that tomorrow would be a better day. We were wrong: dead wrong. Tara was devastated by not making it to prom. She felt humiliated, and could not face her friends at school on Monday. Tara was unable to comprehend that her actions to follow would be a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

            Tara always said, “This world is not ready for me”. She was an individual who could never hold a grudge toward anyone, and knew that this made her different from many people today.This is very hard to do in today’s world.  Tara’s strong belief in GOD’s direction “to love one another as you love yourself” is what she lived by daily.  She was very proud and focused on her Christian faith, and shared this with so many people in so many different ways. Tara looked forward to the day she would one day meet GOD.

            Tara was also very creative and artistic. Her creativity and ability to express her thoughts and feelings through drawings and journaling was not just a gift from GOD that she possessed, but was a blessing that she willingly shared with others; she always drew pictures and gave them to her friends.

            In high school, Tara began to realize that if you set your mind to doing something and were committed to putting all your effort towards it, reaching your goals could be accomplished.  In her last report card, receiving all A’s in each of her classes was one of her goals that she was very proud to have accomplished.  Additionally, Tara was also a recipient of the State of Tennessee’s Hope Scholarship fund and was scheduled to attend MTSU in the fall of 2007.  These are two more examples of her goals being met.

As a member of Harpeth Community Church (H.C.C.) and an active youth group member, Tara felt a “family type of love” with the other teenagers and mentors whom she interacted with. Tara wanted to take these experiences and expose them to others throughout the world that were less fortunate and didn’t know Christ. Missionary trips coordinated through H.C.C. were one way that she was able to accomplish this.

 For the past six months of Tara’s life, she had been working with a non-profit organization known as “Up with People” and was selected for their upcoming trip to visit six different countires, scheduled to start in June 2008.  This organization is made up of young adults who travel the world to countries where people are starving or lacking the necessities of life that so many of us take for granted.  Tara felt that this is where she could continue her journey toward making a difference in today’s world.  Tara loved the fact that this opportunity was going to allow her to make a lot of new friends, as well as become a friend to so many others of different cultures who were looking for someone to show them love, friendship, and companionship.  Tara wanted to help in anyway she could so that their lives here on this earth were more enjoyable.  This was Tara.

As Tara’s parents, we feel so honored and blessed to have had such a unique daughter.  We are so proud of her and will forever feel like we were blessed with an angel here on earth. As parents, you may think that it is the parent who teaches their children right from wrong, sets the example for children to follow. In our home we had a daughter who sometimes reminded us of what was right or wrong.  It is so easy today to become consumed and wrapped up in the ways of the world.  There were times Tara showed us how we needed to live a more Godly life!

 In Tara’s mind, love and friendship toward each other was second only to knowing GOD and having Him in your everyday life.

As parents, we sit here asking ourselves why Tara left us so soon; only GOD knows that answer. We believe that it was because Tara wanted to be in a place where she felt she really belonged, a heavenly place.

Tara was such a blessing in our lives. She wanted to make a difference in this world.  Although here for only eighteen years, we feel that she accomplished that goal as well.

If Tara could say one thing to us right now, it would be “have faith in GOD and have love and respect, and be there for every person you meet in life."  Life is all about focusing on GOD, family, and friendships. Tara wanted to be a friend to everybody she met. We believe that was Tara’s way of trying to change the world.

To keep Tara's goal alive, let us all focus on what this world really needs - the ability to love, respect, and help others, and to be able to treat others as you would want them to treat you in return. By doing this, we continue to work towards what our daughter wanted so much to accomplish. 

Jim and Holli Galovich

In memory of our daughter

Tara Ann Swain

7/22/88 – 5/6/07

Carbon monoxide poisoning






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